We provide

comprehensive manufacturing of doors and windows.

  1. Interior and exterior wooden doors

    For our doors, we use top quality precious wood species, decorative profiles and wooden surfaces, metal marquetries and decorative glass built into the door structure. In this way, each customer may select wooden windows that meet his or her design requirements for the interior.

  2. Fireproof doors EI60, EI30

    Doors with EI30 and EI60 profiles. All the orders can be customized. Colours, patterns and wood types can be selected individually. leaves can be solid, glazed, with toplights and sidelights.

  3. Wooden window

    We manufacture all types of windows, starting with casement windows with modern ferrules and sealing along the whole leaf circumference, through Euro Profile 68mm window with the possibility of reproducing decorative elements, to passive windows. Our windows are modern, energy-saving and quiet.

  4. Wooden-aluminium windows

    The combination of wood and aluminium provides a unique union of tradition and modernity. Wooden-aluminium windows look good and are characterized by good resistance to outdoor conditions.

Over 30 years of experience

Zakład Stolarki Budowlanej “Sosnowicz” s.c. is a family business with extensive experience.

Back in 1982, Ryszard Sosnowicz started his business using simple woodwork elements such as wainscoting and skirting boards. Since the very beginning, the company provided quality products at a reasonable price. As the company kept developing, this did not change as the quality of both materials and the final product still remains crucial for us.

The company has continued developing and offers both windows and doors to allow for a comprehensive investment. Recently, we introduced fireproof woodwork to our offer, soon becoming one of the market leaders.

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