Fireproof doors

Functional and reliable

Fireproof doors EI30, EI60

Door leaf made from Halspan chipboard, door frame from wood with appropriate density. The door leaf surface may be finished with natural veneer, profiled MDF or HDF board, varnish coat or wood panels.

Door leaves can be solid, glazed, with toplights and sidelights, with appropriate expanding or drop seals. Mortice sash lock.

Doors have handles with steel core made from plastic, aluminium, brass or stainless steel.  After 150,000 open-close cycles, the leaves did not exhibit any damage or abnormalities in operation.

Our fireproof doors are characterized by:

Static, vertical load strength

Static torsional strength

Impact strength

Shock resistance

Class EI60 and EI30 fire resistance

Class S60 smoke tightness

Class D1-30, D2-35, acoustic insulation power RW=32 dB

Form and pattern, together with decorative elements meet the requirements of Art Restorer.

Firma Sosnowicz
Drzwi drewniane zewnętrzne

Exterior doors

Drzwi drewniane wewnętrzne

Interior doors

Drzwi ognioodporne

Fireproof doors

Drzwi drewniane ognioodporne
Drzwi drewniane ognioodporne
Drzwi drewniane ognioodporne
Drzwi drewniane ognioodporne