Fireproof windows

Box-type fire windows

In order to meet the fire protection requirements in the buildings strictly controlled by the Monument Conservator, our company has introduced a box-type fire-resistant window to its offer.

The window is made of two parts connected by a construction similar to a traditional casement window. The external structure is a fireproof window of our construction. The internal part is made as in traditional casement windows and the school part with a single glass. Such a structure allows to maintain the traditional historical appearance while meeting modern fire protection requirements.

Ei30 and Ei60 windows

The structure of windows with fire class EI60 is based on Halspan EI90 board. Pine laminated boards are glued to the board to place expanding boards and metal ferrules on them.

Windows with fire class EI60 are single-frame windows with a frame made of semi-finished materials of pine lamellar wood.


Windows with fire class EI60 are provided with multiple-glazed VSG 44.2 Polfram EI60 glass, 25mm thick. Aluminium inter-glass Termo TGI frames have been used for joining the glass panels.

Glass is mounted in leaf notches with angle bar of 30 x 30 mm and height of 10 mm. The angle bar is fastened to the window frame with two screws. Eight angle bars, two per each edge, are used to fasten the glass. The glass is then secured with a wooden glazing bead screwed to the frame with screws with 3.5 x 50 mm cross-section, spaced every 200 mm.

Promat silicon is used for sealing glass panels on the glazing bead side and on the opposite side.

A ceramic 4 x 20mm seal is placed along the opening edges between the glass and the sill. Promaseal expanding seal, 1.6 mm thick, of the Promat company, is placed around the glass perimeter. Two Lorient expanding seals, with a cross-section of 4 x 15 mm are placed along leaf perimeter and there is also one expanding seal around the frame. Under the closing strip and metal grips, there is a 1.6mm expanding Promaseal, of the Promat company.



The window frame is fastened to the wall with steel pins Φ 10 x 150 mm. Assembly pins are placed ca. 200 mm from the corners. At least eight pins need to be used for mounting the window. The assembly gap between the window frame and the wall should be filled with fitting foam with a relevant certificate for fire-proof foams and then concealed with mortar.

Window leaves are placed on the frame on at least 4 Φ 16 pin hinges. The passive window leaf has a ROMB lock, allowing for locking the upper and lower part of the leaf, and a cremone bolt in the active leaf and key-activated lock interlock to allow for opening the window in emergency situations.
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Fireproof windows