Dutch windows

Okna holenderskie

Windows are characterized by a strong frame

Dutch windows are characterized by a strong frame, 114mm in size.

  • Windows are made from pine, oak or meranti sawn timber.
  • 4/16ar/4TM glass pack, U factor of 1.0 W/m2K
  • Glass: Antisol, safe, anti-burglary (P2, P4)
  • The way of opening: turn, tile, turn-and-tilt, fixed glazing
  • Windows with Roto, Siegenia ferrule systems
  • External: Vienna-type, structural, inter-glass: aluminium
  • RAL colours, transparent varnishes
Okna drewniane

Wooden windows

Okna skandynawskie

Scandinavian windows

Okna holenderskie

Dutch windows

Okna drewniano-aluminiowe

Wooden-aluminium windows

Okna drewniane przeciwpożarowe

Fireproof windows