PROFIL 88 passive windows

Windows can be made of pine, meranti or oak wood. Thermo-drip Aluron – a set of 3 gaskets made of durable flexible material. One-frame structure made of four-layer glued square timber, joined along the length.

Scandinavian windows

The way of opening is a characteristic feature of Scandinavian windows. Scandinavian windows open to the outside, which provides more internal space, and items left on the windowsill do not interfere with opening the window.

Dutch windows

The Dutch window is characterized by a very solid and strong frame with a size of 114mm. Windows can be made of pine, meranti or oak wood. 4 / 16ar / 4TM glazing, heat transfer coefficient k = 1.0 W / m2K.

Terrace doors

The new design of the HS, thanks to the thinner frame, provides more light in the room. Compared to the HS Vast structure – the glazing of the HS Fit frame is almost right up to the floor.

Over 40 years of experience

Zakład Stolarki Budowlanej “Sosnowicz” s.c. is a family business with extensive experience.

The company has continued developing and offers both windows and doors to allow for a comprehensive investment.

Manufacturer of wooden windows and doors

We produce all types of windows, ranging from box windows with the use of modern fittings, and seals in the full circumference of the sash, through Euro Profile 68mm windows with the possibility of recreating decorations, and ending with passive windows.

For the production of internal and external doors, we use the highest quality noble wood, decorative profiles and wooden surfaces.


Our work

A wide array of public utility building, historical facilities, and modern offices and hotels. Our products also include offers for individuals interested in furnishing their homes in elegant, wooden windows and doors

Drzwi drewniane ognioodporne

Fireproof doors EI30 and EI60

Door leaf made from Halspan chipboard, door frame from wood with appropriate density. The door leaf surface may be finished with natural veneer, profiled MDF or HDF board, varnish coat or wood panels.

Door leaves can be solid, glazed, with toplights and sidelights, with appropriate expanding or drop seals. Mortice sash lock.

Doors have handles with steel core made from plastic, aluminium, brass or stainless steel.

After 150,000 open-close cycles, the leaves did not exhibit any damage or abnormalities in operation.

Glazing and fire walls

Systemglas® and Promaglas® in wooden construction