External doors

Wooden entrance door

Elegance, warmth and safety

We make external wooden doors with various types of 68mm-thick wood, insulated with two locks, seals customized with respect to size, dimension and colour.

Possible door variants:

  • single- or double-leaf
  • solid or glazed
  • with toplights or sidelights

All the products are approved by Art Restorer.

Doors specification:


  • Soft Line 68-88mm


  • Doors can be made from pine, oak or meranti.

Door frame:

  • Frame from lamellar wood – slid wood.
  • Dimensions: width 68-88 mm x adjusted to wall thickness.


    • Leaf from lamellar wood – slid wood.
    • Sill thickness: 68-88 mm x 120 mm.


    • Otlav hinges
    • strip lock, three-point with locked handle with an additional lock
    • two Gerda inserts, class B, silver or brass colour
    • hinge covers: F1 – natural matte, F4 – ancient gold, F9 – aluminium steel, white, brown


    • Stained Sigma paints, colours as per manufacturer,
    • Acrylic Sigma paints, RAL colours


    • Anti-burglary P4 glass with low U-factor of 1.0; U=0.6 W/(m2*K)


    • WACKER silicon
    • colour: transparent, teak, chocolate-brown, white
    • for RAL colours – transparent silicon


    • Aluminium sill with thermal inserts, silver ALURON ADT colour
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    Exterior doors

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