Tradition meets modernity

Wooden-aluminium windows look good and are characterized by good resistance to outdoor conditions.

We can make wooden-aluminium versions:

  • with increased burglary safety levels
  • increased acoustic and thermal insulation levels
  • with various shapes and colours


Window specification:


The innovative structure of the window made in the ALURON GEMINI system: Softline, Linear or Classic based on a combination of two frames: wooden and aluminium with a total thickness of both leaf and the frame of 90 mm.


Frames and leaves can be made from pine, oak or meranti. Glued in three layers (external layers solid or with lengthwise joints).

Frame finish

Four-coat system: impregnation in a separate process and triple-varnishing with water-soluble opaque or transparent paints in master colours.

RAL and NCS colours are available for an extra charge.

Profile finish

Anodizing: anodized profiles in silver, olive green, brown and gold;
Powder-coating: profiles in master colours.

RAL and NCS and wood-like colours available for an extra charge.


Multiple, low-emission glazing with inter-glass space filled with argon and optional safe O.2, anti-burglary P2, P4 glass.


Winkhaus envelope ferrules with micro-ventilation function and 3D adjustment, protected against being forced open and with such additional functions as handle turn lock, handle-controlled opening limit, four-stage tilt. Double-sided handles with key insert, toplight closer (allowing for closing the window from the floor level), special safety and anti-burglary ferrules available optionally.

Hinge covers

Hinge covers available in white, brown, light gold, aged gold, silver.


Structural, glued, inter-glass.


Pushed, assembled in thermoplastic leaves and seals in the dry glazing system.


Aluminium white, brown, gold, ventilators, closers.